Acharya Vinoba Bhave

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BramhaVidya Mandir, Address: Paunar, Dist.Wardha Maharashtra, India. Tel-91 07152 288388, 91 07152 288081

At Kashikabas, Rajasthan (Birthplace of late Shri. Jamanalaji Bajaj) Vinoba declared the formation of Bramha Vidya Mandir at Paunar, He said, “I felt the lack of search for knowledge of the Supreme in our activities and felt this more keenly after Bapu passed away. I became convinced that unless we had this spiritual foundation, our superstructure, our various programs would not last. Without the attainment of Brahmavidya, (knowledge of the Supreme) the well-spring of our thought would dry up, the current would no longer flow fully and freely. Having reached this conclusion, I decided to start a Brahmavidya Mandir.  I have described “Brahmavidya Mandir” as a place where one may either attain the highest-the Supreme Vision or find one's whole effort gone for nothing. There is no other institution where there is such an element of risk. Here it is a case of all or nothing—infinity, or zero! We cannot offer any lesser odds. I am constrained to do this thing (establish this Ashram), even if I get is zero. I am not interested in half measures; I must have the infinite or nothing”. This ashram was established on 13th March 1959.

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Birthplace of Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Post: Gagode Budruk, Taluka: Pen, Dist: Raigad-402107,  Tel: 02143 654035

Vinoba was born at Gagode on 11th September 1895. About five hundred acres of land in Gagode village was donated in Bhoodan by Bhave family in the year 1954. The ancestral house of Bhave family was also given by Bhave family for the work of Sarvodaya in the year 1955. A trust Acharya Vinoba Bhave Janmastan Pratistan was registered in the year 1985. Historical records of Bhave family, original letters of Vinoba and articles used by Vinoba are displayed here. A portrait painting of Vinoba by noted artist Suhas Bahulkar is displayed in the room where Vinoba was born.

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Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal Mumbai. Shantashram,299 Javji Dadaji Rd. Nana Chowk, Mumbai 400007, INDIA. Tel. No. +091 022 1387 2061.  

Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal is a charitable trust working in Mumbai for spreading the philosophy of Sarvodaya. The trust was registered in the year 1975, however, the work of Sarvoday in Mumbai started way back in the year 1951 when Vinoba started Bhoodan movement. The Sarvodaya workers in Mumbai arrange workshops for College students to teach them the philosophy of Sarvoday. Conduct Gandhi Vichar examination in various prisons of Maharashtra. Arrange discounted sale of Sarvoday books in Mumbai. Two websites namely and on life and mission of Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave respectively are hosted by the Mandal. Gandhi Book Centre- a book store is run by the Mandal.

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Maitri Ashram. Address: P.O. Maitri Ashram – 787051, North Lakhimpur Block, Assam, India  Tel: 03752- 22190

About this Ashram Vinoba said. "Whatever rules, purposes and programs may be introduced here everything is covered by this word ‘Maitri’, Friendship. The only truth is friendship. The Only purpose is friendship, and the only program is friendship. This is a place of friendship. And as the problems of society go very deep, our friendship must find expression in the solution of those problems. We expect that the Maitri Ashram might keep in touch with the outside world and become a place of international friendship”. This ashram was established on 5th March 1962.






* Vinoba Bhave Janmasthan Pratishtan * 

* Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal *

 ADDRESS: Shantashram, 299, Javji Dadaji Rd, Nana Chowk, Mumbai 400 007. INDIA.


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Jyoti patankar

विनोबाजीके छोटे भाई शिवाजी, जिन्हे आश्रमवासी आबा कहते थे, संत साहित्य के बडे विद्वान थे I विनोबाजीका बृहद् चरित्र उन्होंने लिखा है I मराठी में ज्ञानेश्वरी का प्रथम शब्दार्थ कोश निर्माण का कार्य उनकी संत साहित्य को बडी देन है I गीताई प्रचार कार्य उनकी जीवन साधना थी I ब्रह्मविद्या मंदिर आश्रम, पवनार की जेष्ठ सदस्या ज्योती पाटणकर उनके सान्निध्य में रही I 'श्री शिवाजी भावे - जीवन कार्य एवं सर्वोदय विचारों का मौलिक सूक्ष्म विवेचन (खंड -१)' इस उत्कृष्ट ग्रंथ का संकलन - संपादन ज्योती पाटणकरजींने किया है I सर्व सेवा संघ का यह प्रकाशन सर्वोदय साहित्य के अभ्यासक तथा पाठको के लिये बडी देन है I इस ग्रंथ प्राप्ती के लिये संपर्क - सर्व सेवा संघ प्रकाशन, राजघाट, वाराणसी मो. ९५५५१५३८७८
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