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Geetai-Mother Geeta- 1931

Vinoba rendered Bhagavad-Geeta in Marathi at Mahilashram, Wardha. (7th October 1930 to 6th Feb 1931) He named it as Gitai (Mother Gita). It was in 1915 or thereabout, in Baroda a scholar was giving talks on Gita which Vinoba’s mother listened but could not follow. Hence she asked Vinoba to translate Bhagwat Gita. Vinoba says, “It was mother’s faith in me which prompted me to render Bhagwat Gita in Marathi.’’ The 1st edition of Gitai was published on 14th July 1932, when Vinoba was in Dhule jail.


Gitai itself is my message.



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