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Books in various languages are available for online reading.

With the courtesy of Publishers:

Paramdham Prakashan, Gram Seva Mandal,  Paunar, Wardha &

Sarva Seva Sangha, Rajghat, Varanasi

We are also thankful to many other publishers whose books are available here for online reading.

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1. Geeta Pravachano

2. Vicharpothi: by Vinoba

3. Tisari Shakti: by Vinoba

4. Madhukar: by Vinoba

5. Kanchini Sannidhima: by Vinoba

6. Jivan Drusti by Vinoba

7. Shradhana Ter Divas: by Vinba

8. Gandhinii Sannidhima: by Vinoba

9. Gramswarajyana  Pathikone: by Vinoba

10Bhoodan Ganga Part 1: by Vinoba

11. Bhoodan Ganga Part 2: by Vinoba

12. Bhoodan Aarohan: by Narayan Desai

13. Gramdan: by Harivallabh Parikh

14.Yug Paltay Che: by Ravishankar Maharaj

15. Bhoodan Ganga 3:by Vinoba

16. Gokuliyun Gaam: by Appa Patwardhan

17. Dhanush Takli

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The books and articles which are not downloadable are under copyright by respective publishers. As such, are for online reading. In case of difficulty in reading, please send the screenshot so as to take corrective action.